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  • April 29, 2024
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Weight loss has always been a journey from I to me, a change change from unhealthy you to a healthy you. Weight loss is not only about fat loss or inch loss but it’s a path to a Beautiful you. In this we are going to discuss about the tips, yes you read that right, tips related to your healthy weight loss. Weight loss has always been a combination of diet and exercise, and increase in weight is not a disease which cant be cured or get rid off, yes the weight can be shed/lost. Weight loss involves 60% diet, 30% exercise and 10% willingness, motivation and self esteem to loose weight.

Though without wasting time here are some simple tips to shed your weight in not only healthy but sustainable manner.

Consistent timing and Meals

When on a weight loss journey its very important to make things consistent to get things into routine, its very important to work in our own lifestyle by waking up early in the morning to feel more energetic and have a relaxed and soulful body and starting the day with a good mood and kickstarting your metabolism with a glass of water. After that getting into a habit of eating on time with wise choices and getting to bed early.

Increase the intake of protein

Protein intake is always advised to increase when on weight loss, but increasing protein doesn’t mean bulking yourself with protein sources, though protein is an important part when on weight loss but there are some other food groups that will help you loose weight . Ideally one should consume protein according to 1g/kg/Ibw. So yes incorporate protein in every main big meal like Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but balancing meals is important. Protein doesn’t mean sticking to anyone of these eggs, or only dals and pulses or milk sources.

Increase intake of Vegetables

Vegetables one of the most least used and neglected part of everyone’s diet, increasing vegetables can balance your micronutrients essential on weight loss . So vegetables can be incorporated in a healthy way….along with the salads. Vegetables are the powerhouse of micronutrients that once body require although providing a feeling of satisfaction without causing bulk.

Keeping a watch on Carbohydrates

Weight loss doesn’t mean to cut down the intake of carbohydrates, its about choosing wisely, nicely and healthily. Some great myths about cutting wheat is beyond to a next level which has messed up the life’s of the people on weight loss. Cutting down staple food is not good for our health for a long term or long go. So here’s good news for people on weight loss no need to cut the wheat or rice to loose weight.

Oils and fats

There have always been some myths going around when on weight loss, a big myth that comes is stop the use of oils, but this isn’t true our body has its mechanism where it do need healthy fats to burn your body fat. Its always advised to lower the intake of oils and fats but that doesn’t mean to stop it completely, do incorporate 4 tsp oil maximum when you are weight loss out of which 1tsp needs to be ghee/butter. Incorporate healthy fats which means nuts like almond, walnuts, pistachios and mix seeds which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids to burn more of calories.

Keeping yourself Hydrated

Our body is comprised of 70% water which needs to be maintain for the body to function properly and optimally. Water is another key nutrient which helps and promotes weight loss, so its very important to hydrate the body to prevent water loss. Its very important to drink 2-3 L of water while on weight loss including all the water sources like herbal teas, infused water etc.

Indian Sample Weight loss Health Plan

Meals and Timings Menu
Early Morning


1 glass infused water (rich in antioxidants) + Nuts
Breakfast (8:00AM) Incorporating 1 cereal+ milk or milk product/dal stuff / Egg+ 1 small bowl vegetable

(incorporate in any form either Cheela/dosa/poha/upma/porridge/ wrap)



Fruit/coconut water/ lemon water/ ginger tea
Lunch (1:30 PM) 2 Whole Wheat/Multigrain roti + 1 small bowl Vegetable + 1 small bowl dal/

egg preparation/ paneer preparation + 1 small bowl salad

Evening (4:00PM) 1 small bowl Makhana/ Murmura/ Cheela/ Idli/ Sauteed vegetable/ Stir fry

Vegetable tikki

Dinner (8:00PM) 2 Whole Wheat/Multigrain roti + 1 small bowl Vegetable + 1 small bowl dal/

egg preparation/ paneer preparation + 1 small bowl salad

Post Dinner 1 glass infused water



Yusra Nasir

Passionate Dietitian dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and nutrition Goals

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  1. Mohd Anas
    May 1, 2024 at 5:35 am

    Information provided seems to be very useful . I will try to follow as instructed .god bless you

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