Dr Rajat Goel, is a trained weight loss surgeon having done his MBBS from prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College, and MS (Master of Surgery) from Lady Hardinge Medical College with advanced laparoscopic training at Taiwan, Singapore and USA and has 20+ years of experience with specialized laparoscopic and Bariatric surgeries. He is one of the Best Allurion Balloon Surgeon available in Delhi NCR, India.

What is an Allurion Balloon and explain about it?

The Allurion Balloon, originally the Elipse Balloon, is a novel weight loss procedure created to help you cut back on your calorie intake. The first gastric balloon that may be placed or removed without surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia is this soft balloon.

The balloon is intended to help you cut back on your food intake by taking up space in your stomach; on average, patients lose 10 to 15 kg of weight in just 16 weeks. Start living a healthy lifestyle right away! The Allurion Balloon is not just a band-aid, but a fully supported weight loss journey.

Everything you need to know about Allurion Balloon

A soft balloon called the Allurion Balloon is inserted into your stomach.  During a quick appointment visit, the balloon is inflated in under 15 minutes, and after 16 weeks, it spontaneously deflates and passes. By expanding the impression of constant fullness, the balloon takes up space in your stomach and encourages weight reduction.

This implies that you are more inclined to reduce your daily calorie intake. Results may vary since The Allurion Balloon is a 6-month lifestyle complete programme created specifically for you. But after 16 weeks of the Allurion Program, patients lose 10 to 15% of their body weight on average and keep off up to 95% of that weight reduction.

What occurs on the day of treatment?

  • You merely swallow a tiny capsule with the deflated balloon inside it that is connected to a thin tube.
  • Doctors will take an X-ray of your abdomen once the balloon has reached your stomach to ensure proper placement.
  • The catheter is then used to inject 550 ml of water into the balloon.
  • The balloon is then examined again to ensure that it is filled. During an appointment, the complete process lasts no longer than 15 minutes.
  • After the balloon has been inserted, some individuals may occasionally experience slight abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

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How can the Allurion Balloon be removed?

A release valve will open after 16 weeks of therapy, allowing the balloon to deflate and travel naturally through your digestive system without the need for surgery to remove it. The empty balloon may, on extremely rare occasions, be vomited, although this is not dangerous. The Allurion Balloon is the first gastric balloon that may be ingested and naturally eliminated months later.

The past generations required endoscopic surgery and required anesthesia to insert and remove. Your convenience, comfort, and safety come first, and no surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia is required. Typically, the Allurion Balloon is positioned throughout a brief outpatient appointment, allowing you to return home. All the assistance you require to succeed will be provided to you as a participant in the complete Allurion Programme.

A group of caring healthcare experts, including a consultant and a nutritionist, will lead you. Your care team will be provided a wireless digital scale that communicates regular updates on your development, and multiple meetings with your team will help you benefit fully from your Allurion Balloon.

More information about the Allurion Balloon Procedure

  • Participants in the program shed an average of 10 to 15 % of total weight with the aid of the Allurion Balloon over the course of four months.
  • The assistance you require to succeed will be provided to you as a participant in the comprehensive Allurion Programme.
  • A group of caring healthcare experts, including a consultant and a nutritionist, will lead you. Your care team will be provided a generation cellular scale that communicates regular updates on your development, and multiple meetings with your team will help you benefit fully from your Allurion Balloon.
  • Patients demonstrate that the Allurion Balloon can be safely ingested, filled, inflated, and passed to help you lose the most weight and possibly have the fewest negative effects.
  •  The 550ml capacity of the Allurion Balloon is its intended use.

Risks of taking this Allurion Balloon Procedure

About one-third of patients experience pain and nausea right away after having an intragastric balloon inserted. However, following balloon installation, these symptoms often only persist for a few days. The majority of the time, oral drugs used at home can control these symptoms. Although extremely unlikely, placing an intragastric balloon may have negative side effects. If you experience nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain following surgery, call your doctor right once.

Balloon deflation is a potential concern. There is also a chance that the balloon could pass through your digestive tract if it deflates. This may result in a blockage, which may necessitate further treatment or surgery to remove the device. Overinflation, severe pancreatitis, ulcers, or a hole (perforation) in the stomach wall are other potential dangers that might necessitate surgery.

What are the steps to be taken while processing the test?

Your medical team will provide you with specific preparation instructions if an intragastric balloon will be inserted into your stomach. Before your procedure, you might need to have a number of lab tests and examinations. In the days before the surgery, you might need to limit what you eat and drink as well as which drugs you take. It can also be necessary for you to begin an exercise regimen.

Throughout the process, the intragastric balloon treatment is completed as an outpatient procedure in the endoscopy unit. In the process, you will be asleep. During the treatment, the doctor inserts a tiny tube catheter into your stomach that is loaded with an intragastric balloon. You may feel full more quickly after eating with an intragastric balloon, which frequently results in you eating less.

The fact that the intragastric balloon prolongs the time it takes for the stomach to empty could be one of the causes. The balloon’s apparent ability to alter hormone levels that regulate appetite may also be a contributing factor. How much you can alter your living habits, including your diet and exercise routines, will also affect how much weight you lose. According to a summary of the current therapies, a loss of 7–15% of body weight is usually six months after intragastric balloon insertion.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Allurion balloon:

1. How does the Allurion balloon work?

The Allurion balloon is designed to take up space in your stomach, which helps you feel full faster and eat less food. The balloon is swallowed in a capsule and once it reaches the stomach, it is filled with 550 ml of fluid using a thin tube. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and does not require any anesthesia or sedation.

2. How long does the Allurion balloon stay in the stomach?

The Allurion balloon is designed to stay in the stomach for about 4 months. After this time, it will automatically deflate and pass through your digestive system naturally.

3. What are the potential risks of the Allurion balloon?

The Allurion balloon is generally considered safe, but like any medical procedure, there are potential risks. Some people may experience nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain after the procedure. In rare cases, the balloon may rupture or leak, which could lead to serious complications.

4. What is the cost of the Allurion balloon?

The cost of the Allurion balloon varies depending on where you live and the specific clinic or hospital where you have the procedure done. In general, the cost is around $6,000 to $8,000 in different countries.
The cost of Allurion Balloon in India generally goes around Rs 350,000 – Rs 400,000.

5. Is the Allurion balloon a long-term solution for weight loss?

The Allurion balloon is designed to be a short-term weight loss solution to help jumpstart your weight loss journey. However, it is important to note that long-term weight loss requires lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and regular exercise.

If you have any more questions about the Allurion balloon or weight loss surgery, please don’t hesitate to connect over the given contact number.

Allurion Balloon Procedure For Weight Loss – Explained by Dr Rajat Goel

Allurion Balloon Procedure