Incisional (Ventral) Hernia Repair What is an Incisional hernia?

Incisional hernia can occur at previous surgical site in the belly. It can happen months or even years after surgery. Most of the time, it occurs along a vertical (up and down) incision.

Incisional Hernia Repair What are the causes of Incisional Hernia?

It is common in people who undergo surgery and:

  • Are very overweight.
  • Are older.
  • Have used steroid medicines.
  • Have had lung problems after surgery.
  • Have had a wound infection after surgery or have had more than one surgery using the same incision. What is the treatment/repair of Incisional Hernia & period of recovery?

Repair options for Ventral/Incisional hernia include:

Surgery: Open or Laparoscopic Meshplasty.

Recovery time is 3-4 days after laparoscopic surgery and about 2 weeks after open surgery How is Laparoscopic Surgery performed ( Surgical Procedure )?

It is performed under general anaesthesia making small key holes in the abdomen through which the telescope and thin, long instruments are introduced and surgery is performed by seeing inside of the abdomen on a TV monitor

Incisional Hernia Repair What is the cost of surgery?

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