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Obesity is becoming a nuisance in modern world, thanks to easy availability of food in 10 minutes without need of cooking. Why we eat when we feel stressed because it gives brain an immediate satisfaction by releasing DOPAMINE, the happy hormone, brain cannot differentiate which is good or bad food, it is us which makes our brain believe that fast food, soft drinks are reward of our achievement and brain believes it and it becomes a habit, so this cycle repeats and end result is weight gain leading to obesity and loss of self esteem, leading to what is called being trapped in modern chakravyuham.

So then we look for a dietician and take a diet chart which we cannot follow for more than few days as it is very difficult to change diet drastically. The next option is joining GYM and pay 1 year membership where we go for a week and then we cannot take stress of gym as we get fatigue because we are not eating right food.  Then we opt for so called easy options like weight loss  DRUGS/ SHAKES for weight loss where we think we will achieve our target without going to GYM and without changing diet but it does not help either.

So how to tackle this issue or get out from MODERN CHAKRAVYUHAM?

ANSWER IS FOCUS ON SYSTEM AND NOT GOAL OR END RESULT. What does it mean? If we just focus on target weight by following some crash diets or temporary exercises, we may achieve our GOAL, but it will not last forever, moment we get to our old schedule/system we will gain weight very fast and we may even land up at higher weight than before. So we should focus on developing a SYSTEM TO BE FIT and not try to go for shortcuts for fast results and then REBOUNDS. So what is this SYSTEM we are talking about. Try to eat healthy food and do 40 minutes to 1 hour activity daily, oh this we all knew what is new about it. New is how to develop that system  over a period of time and make it a HABIT so you never gain weight again after reaching your GOAL, which should be end result of your SYSTEM. So start slowly by improving your breakfast in to healthy high protein breakfast, then after few days, replace your normal tea with green tea, black tea or black coffee, then after few days add 2 healthy snacks, then after few days add healthy lunch and then after few days take healthy light dinner 2 to 3 hours before sleep, once you do this routine for 3 weeks it will become a HABIT and once you lose weight you will never gain again. With activity start 10 minutes morning walk, slowly increase 5 minutes every day and enjoy your walk by listening to  music or drinking your favorite home made protein shake ( recipe can be found on our you tube channel). Once you reach 40  minutes a day, do for continuous 21 days and it will become HABIT.




Dr Rajat Goel

MBBS, MS, DNB, MNAMS, FAIS, FICS, FACS, FCLS, FMAS, FIAGES, FALS, FIMSA, FMIS- Singapore, FMBS-Taiwan, FALS (Robotic Surgery). Bariatric Surgeon, Laser Surgeon, Robotic Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon. Allurion Balloon Specialist

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