LIFT (Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula tract)

What is LIFT procedure for fistula in Ano?

LIFT procedure is based on secure closure of the internal opening and removal of infected cryptoglandular tissue through the intersphincteric approach.

What are surgical steps of LIFT?

  1. Identify the internal opening
  2. Incision at intersphincteric groove
  3. Dissection through intersphincteric plane to find intersphincteric fistula tract
  4. Secure suture ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract
  5. Remove the fistula tract
  6. Curette fistula tract from external opening
  7. Suture closure of external sphincter muscle defect
  8. Closure of intersphincteric wound

Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula tract

What are advantages of LIFT?

  1. Preservation of the anal sphincter.
  2. Minimal tissue injury.
  3. Shorter healing time.
  4. Procedure is relatively easy to perform.

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