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Bariatric Surgery has gained popularity all over the world as a definitive tool for weight loss. The first thought about undergoing surgery for weight loss or sitting in a clinic with obese person talking about surgery was like : WHY THE HELL SURGERY FOR WEIGHT LOSS?” ( The thought crossed my mind on my first weight loss clinic as bariatric surgeon in Singapore in 2011). Why cant we just follow diet and do exercise and become fit. I was 100 % AGAINST cutting stomach or rerouting food to intestine to become fit. Everyone says seeing is believing, so during my proper training as Bariatric Surgeon at Taiwan in 2011 at high surgical volume center under Prof Huang   ( My teacher in Bariatric Surgery), i saw a different side of story. The people who came for follow up after surgery taught me that how this surgery changed their life in so many different ways ( Physically, control of so many medical conditions, socially, spiritually and mentally), that got me thinking that Bariatric surgery has a definite place in select group of patients who needs more than motivation, who have tried lot of diets and various exercise regimens but still has gained weight that now they cannot do any activity, but a shot at temporary hormone change in body to achieve weight loss which bariatric surgery does for a short period of time ( 3 to 6 months).

Bariatric Surgery now has been used by some people as short cut to lose weight, but it is not true. Definitely the initial weight loss in first month or so is very fast without any major efforts and people lose around 10% of their weight, which gives a wrong impression to people that bariatric surgery alone can help achieve their target. WEIGHT REGAIN is a reality after bariatric surgery as hormone effects wanes as body adjusts and we start our old habits of eating junk food, drinking alcohol, not doing any physical activity/ exercise of substance.

TRUTH is developing HEALTHY HABITS at the beginning of Bariatric surgery will give you life long results once you achieve your target weight. HEALTHY HABITS of eating healthy high proteinaceous food, 40 minute physical activity per day will give you life long best results. BARIATRIC SURGERY IS NOT SHORTCUT TO WEIGHT LOSS BUT DEFINITELY A SHORT CUT TO HEALTHY EATING HABITS AND ACTIVITY. In other words Bariatric surgery helps you REDEVELOP HEALTHY habits for long lasting results if done in right candidate.

Some people say that yoga is best for weight loss, doing Zumba is best for weight loss, Swimming is best for weight loss, Playing badminton is best for weight loss, i can ASSURE i believe the same,  any activity  said above will help you in weight loss and BARIATRIC SURGERY ENABLES YOU TO DO ABOVE ACTIVITIES when due to obesity you are not able to do yoga, Zumba, swimming, and so on. So bariatric surgery is ADJUNCT and not replacement of above activities.

Then people say that if after SURGERY i have to eat LESS and lose weight, then why do i need surgery, i can do it without surgery but the fact is there are no HORMONE CHANGES supporting you to do it as it happens in BARIATRIC SURGERY. The difference is that during dieting we are feeling hungry but we try to eat less but in BARIATRIC SURGERY for 3 to 6 months there is less hunger due to hormonal changes that happens after bariatric surgery which gives you time to adopt healthy eating habits.




Dr Rajat Goel

MBBS, MS, DNB, MNAMS, FAIS, FICS, FACS, FCLS, FMAS, FIAGES, FALS, FIMSA, FMIS- Singapore, FMBS-Taiwan, FALS (Robotic Surgery). Bariatric Surgeon, Laser Surgeon, Robotic Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon. Allurion Balloon Specialist

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